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Hello, My Friend! I’d like to welcome you to my website and thank you for stopping by :) This blog is dedicated to tools for upcycling pallets. Every woodworker or DiY-er knows that to achieve desired results when working with any type of wood you’ll need ideas, material, and tools. I’ll be posting about pallet projects, putting new life[…]

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Best JigSaw for Every Budget 2019 – Reviews, Comparisons and Buying Guide

Choosing the best jigsaw for your needs can be a nightmare and with so many available on the market, you may feel confused about which one to buy. Moreover, you don’t want to waste time and money when choosing the right tool. Who does? I’d rather spent time doing projects, don’t you? So, I’m very happy you’ve stumbled[…]

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Christmas 2018: Power Tools Gift Ideas


  With the busiest holiday season around the corner, it’s the highest time to start on your gift shopping list if you haven’t already. So if you have a DIY-er, an upcycler or just someone who just like to improve things around their house among your family and friends make sure they’ll get the nicest, new shiny “toy” to play[…]

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The Grass Is Always Green When It’s Artificial

Today I’d like you to meet Jenny Jackson who has asked to write an article for me about artificial grass for your garden. Jenny has a knowledgeable background as she used to be a garden architect. Although is not pallet related, I hope you’ll like the article and find it interesting. Each season, natural lawns get 10 or[…]

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