Jig Saw on a budget. Is it worth buying? Black and Decker BDEJS600c 5-amp Jig Saw review.

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We all know those times when our favorite power tool dies and we simply don’t have the cash to get the replacement at that very moment.

Or we’re in need of a reliable power tool but won’t use it for professional work. That’s when Black and Decker BDEJS600c 5-amp Jig Saw comes in handy.

For beginners is less intimidating than a circular saw and will help you with all sort of cuts. Straight, curved and plunged. For serious  DIY-ers is powerful enough to get the job done.

Have a  look at my review below and decide if this budget jigsaw is right for you or if you in a hurry, you can buy it now from Amazon.

ImageNameMain Features

Black & Decker BDEJS600c

  • 5 Amp of power

  • variable speed up to 3,000 SPM

  • tool-less blade change(U and T-shank blades)

  • orbit action

  • stroke length 3/4 in


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This jigsaw comes with a powerful 5 Amp motor with up to 3,000 SPM(strokes per minute) and that’s more than enough for DIY and pallet projects. It will cut through pretty much anything like wood, laminate, PVC, aluminum and other metals. Just make sure you install the right blade for the job.

The variable speed can be adjusted accordingly to your needs by depressing a trigger switch. A trigger lock can be used to lock the speed and this way reduce fatigue. Unfortunately, it only locks at the highest speed.

Orbit Action and Blades Changing

This saw will be great for you if you’re looking for easy controlled, easy to maneuver jigsaw.  It has an orbital action with Curve Control that can be set from 1 to 4 depending on the task. So for straight cuts, you’d need setting 4 which is the most aggressive one and for more curved cuts is setting 1. This way you can set it up in no time by easy to read controller even if you started cutting. Just stop the saw and change the setting.

The blade change is a breeze. It features keyless blade change so NO TOOL is required. Just press the lever and insert your blade in the blade clamp and the job is done. This saw accepts both U and T-shank blades.


When it comes to size I think it sits right in a middle, not too big for smaller hands and not too small to feel like you’re using a toy. It’s easy to hold. It has a D-shaped handle with a comfortable grip with some vibration absorption for longer use. It’s not too heavy, well balanced, yet solid enough for hours of use at a time.

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If you need to make bevel cuts this jigsaw can handle that as well. All you need to do is adjust the shoe. And here it gets a bit disappointing. This unit uses a slot/Philips screw to hold the shoe in place. So to actually change the bevel you have to unscrew it and remove the little metal plate.

Then you can change the angle and put everything back in place- little metal plate and the screw. So it’s quite a process.

User tip: If you are going to do any amount of changing of that plate, you will want to get rid of that slot/Phillips screw and use an Allen. The reason is that the slot/Phillips screw will get its head messed up quickly making poor adjustments while the Allen will take a lot of abuse.

Dust collection

This model has a slot to which you can attach a vacuum hose although you will probably need an adapter for most American vacs.


  • Powerful 5 Amp motor
  • Variable speed
  • Orbital action with Curve Control
  • Keyless blade change
  • Improved wire guard
  • Bevel cuts
  • Price


  • Complicated bevel angle adjustment
  • Shortish power cable
  • No case


This tool is a decent budget jigsaw. Has everything a basic jigsaw should have. Pretty well build with a powerful motor.

I’d say it’s a great tool for simple craft projects and would definitely serve you well when making pallet projects like wine racks.

It’s light and more maneuverable, especially for curves, and generally easy to use even for beginners. Great value for money and loads of positive Amazon users reviews.

But if you think it’s not for you, check my post on best jigsaw for every budget that includes a comprehensive buying guide as well as 10 jigsaw reviews. I’m sure you’ll find something for your needs.


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