Wood Sanding Tips For Pallet Projects

sanding _tips

There is one thing that all DIY-ers are putting off as much as they can while working on their projects. The dreadful sanding :) But if you want to receive great results you can’t really skip this step. So here I’d like to give you some useful wood sanding tips. You can apply them when working with pallet projects[…]

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Tool Tips: How to Cut Curves Using a Jigsaw

how to cut curves with a jigsaw

A jigsaw is a fantastic tool when it comes to cutting shapes on a variety of materials. It is a versatile tool that has become famous in domestic and commercial setups because of its excellent results and easy to use features. All you need is a quality jigsaw and the right type of blade and you are all[…]

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Tool Tips: How to Use Jigsaw Power Tool

A great jigsaw is the most blessed tool that offers a DIY-ers a freedom to cut various shapes, both, straight and curved. It works perfectly on a variety of materials including plywood, wood, particle board, plastic, metal, as well as ceramic tiles. The best part about this tool is that besides being highly versatile, is also easy to[…]

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6 Ways How to Transfer Photos to Wood

6_Ways How to Transfer Photos to Wood

If you’re thinking about giving your pallet projects more artistic edge or simply want to try something new, this list of how-tos is where you should start. I’d like to show you 6 simple ways how to transfer photos to wood. It’ great fun and gives you plenty of opportunities to experiment.  1. Using a Freezer Paper or Label[…]

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Tool Tips: How to Use An Orbital Sander

For any DIY-er, there is nothing more satisfying than having a project with smooth edges and surfaces. Thankfully, an orbital sander offers you a chance to attain perfection in your projects. An orbital sander is a versatile tool that helps craftsman in making a variety of projects with great finesse. It can be used in woodworking, metal-working, plastic-working[…]

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