So you’ve got an idea what you want to create out of a pallet or two. You have all the necessary tools, but you don’t know where to start. Well, here I want to show you how to disassemble a pallet if you ever need to.

There are many ways of doing it. Some use special tools design for the purpose. I’ve found that the 4 I’m going to tell you about are more than enough.


  1. Using a crowbar and a hammer
  2. Using a circular saw
  3. Using a Sawzall
  4. A mix of the 4 above

It’s a shame I didn’t do the research before taking my first pallet apart hehe :) But I couldn’t wait to start on with my first project that it just didn’t cross my mind. It took me and my brother good 40 minutes to do it using a crowbar, a hammer, and some elbow grease :)

But I don’t have any electric saw yet so we had to learn the hard way :) The only downside was that I’ve lost some of the planks because the nails were glued(?) as well as threaded so the planks were very difficult to pry off. So next time I’ll move to Sawzall. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was my wedding anniversary gift this year :)

Any other easy ideas on how to take a pallet apart?? All ideas are very welcome. Below you can find a short video I’ve found very helpful.



10 thoughts on “How To Disassemble a Pallet”

  1. Hey Kasia, now that’s pretty interesting! I’ve been around pallets my whole working career. Mostly unloading stuff from it. Never thought about disassembling one though :) Who knew it would be that hard huh. Imagine that :) Thanks for the info. Next time I see a pallet I’m gonna be thinking about your article ;)

    • Thanks for commenting Jurgen:) I didn’t think that it was gonna be that difficult either :) But I guess you learn all the time. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hey Kasia,

    Lots of good information there and nice find on the video.
    I used to work in construction when I was younger, I could have used your tips on disassembling a pallets.
    Can’t wait to see some of your projects, I really love the way old pallets looks and feels like.

    • Hi Jonathan :) Thanks for your comment. More content to follow, so make sure you come back :) I actually am planning a lot to the point that my husband is laughing and says that we gonna live in a house made of pallets ;) hehehe


  3. Hi Kasia,
    This thought don’t cross my mind until I read your article. You really need to have those tools to disassemble it quickly. I think not just a tool but the way how to do it will also help.
    What about recycling the planks? Do you have any idea or tips on how we can re use them?

    • Hi Leo :) I actually learnt about it how important it is to disassemble a pallet quickly and efficiently the hard way :) I lost nearly a day using just crowbar and hammer for my DIY pallet sandbox and I lost some of the planks as well. Saying that I’m already recycling /upcycling pallet planks. If you want to have a look at my diy sandbox project you’re more than welcome to :)More to follow:)


  4. Hi Kasia, your webpage looks great, like the idea of putting a video on there. I too am into DIY projects, I have 6 pallets sitting in my backyard at present, I still need quite a few though, I am going to be making a dog platform out of 4 of them with different levels and a decked area which will be 16 pallets in total. I will need to take some pallets apart to fill in the pallets that I will be using so there are no gaps, so your page has helped me a lot, thank you. All the best Kerry

    • Hi Kerry,
      Thanks for your comment:)I’m glad you liked the video. The ideas for pallet projects are endless. I might actually put up some examples of pallet dog beds. Thanks for that :) I’m happy my site has helped you and if you need anything else like some tips or advice just let me know. Thanks for dropping by!

    • Hi Bill :)
      No, I haven’t. As I’m not making a ton of projects I stick to simple tools and elbow grease for now :) Can you explain your method in more detail?

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