How to Give Your Pallet Projects The WOW Factor


I bet many of you make beautiful things out of pallets. I bet all of them are one of a kind and unique. But I do realize that sometimes a project can be a bit plain. I wanted to add something extra like Ashley from Domestic Imperfection in her project Rustic Picnic Style Dining Table. She was lucky to find nails like that in an old barn, but unfortunately, not everyone has access to old barns or time to look for one :)

So I’ve decided to search the vast space of an online world for stuff that would make the pallet projects even more exciting and original.

I’ve found a lot of “accessories” that I’m sure will give your pallet projects that WOW factor and I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

First of all, I’d like to start with wrought iron and steel fittings. This will include:

  • wrought iron nails
  • wrought iron shelf brackets/pipe brackets
  • wrought iron cupboard handle/door handle/gate handle
  • wrought iron hooks
  • wrought iron hinges
  • pipe and steel legs
  • steel/iron casters


Wrought Iron and Steel Nails

Starting with nails I was amazed that you can actually buy cast iron nails in different shapes and sizes. You can use them for anything. From dining tables, coffee tables, lamps, bed headboards, towel racks.

They will give your projects and old-fashioned character especially fantastic for “aged look” pieces. Wouldn’t they look great on a wooden chest kid pallet pirate ship bed? You should definitely check them out.


Door Clavos  Rustic Hammered Iron Decorative Nails Black Finish Hand Forged by Borderland Rustic Hardware




These come in  Black, Rusted, Unfinished, Sealed Rusted, Sealed Unfinished which is fantastic as you can match them exactly to your needs. They also come in different head sizes (from 0.75″ to  1.5″) and pack sizes (from 10 to 100). Sealed ones you can use indoors as well as outdoors for all your garden pallet projects.


>>> More info and the latest price <<< 


Decorative Iron Nails, Hand Forged Natural Black Finish by A29 



These nails with many positive reviews come in black and pack of 12 or 24. 1 inch in diameter and 1-1.5 inch in length.


Steel Decorative Antique Wrought Head Nails-Rosehead Nails by OLD NAIL SOURCE




These beauties are next on my list. I instantly fell in love with them. A number of ways you could use them are endless. I’d probably sleep in my workshop spending all my free time on my projects just so I can use them :)






They come in 2 lengths: 1-inch and 2 inches with tapered shaft 1/10 -1/5 inch. This design is based on 17th-century vintage nails so if you want truly unique look these are the way to go.



Steel Decorative Wrought Head Nails with Black Oxide Finish by Tremont Nail Company






Right. More nails :) These nails are steel, not iron but coated with a black oxide finish so you still get the vintage look. The length varies from 1 1/2 to 3 inches and the 3-sided head size is around 3-5/16 inch. Unusually they don’t come in packs but are measured in pounds. So the approximate number of nails per Lb is:

132 for the 1 1/2″ (4d)
68 nails for 2″ (6d)
48 for the 2 1/2″ (8d)
37 for the 3″ (10d)


If you after square nails and don’t mind steel these Standard Steel Common Square Nails are a good option as well.



User tip:

Do be sure to drill pilot holes, though…drill once with a thinner bit the full length of the nail, then only halfway again with a bit that’s about the width of the fattest part of the nail.Orient the nail so that the thinner side runs with the grain to avoid splitting. Also, hammer with light taps instead of slamming it home to avoid splitting.


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Shelf Brackets

Having unique brackets for your shelves will definitely add a lot of character. And with upcycled projects this is what you’re after in a first place, aren’t you?

Industrial Pipe Shelf Brackets by Industrial Rewind

These solid pipe brackets are great for pallet shelves and any other upcycling project. They will give a nice, unique look. Fantastic for Pottery Barn decor!


2-iron-pipe-bracketsThe pack contains 2 brackets that come in 3 sizes/lengths: 3, 4 and 5 inches. Pipe diameter is 1/2 inch and they come unassembled so even more fun for you ;P


If you like this kind of industrial character you should check out these Industrial Pipe Shelf by DIY Cartel – 6 Inch shelf brackets. They would be perfect for pallet planks up to 6 inches wide. And they come with free shipping with Amazon Prime too!





For more pipe designs that would be great with any reclaimed wood or just for its own visit Iron Illumination. I absolutely adore these handmade pieces. You can have these made to order for a perfect fit.



Although you have to be patient because of their handmade nature they take a longer time to ship.


Antique-Style Cast Iron Small Shelf Brackets by Big Sky Antiques




If you prefer something more shabby chic or antique style these ones will be great! They are very solid, perfect for inside and outside. They painted in faux rust finish which makes them look rusty but without any rusty residue left on a wood or walls.



Wrought Iron Cupboard Handle, Door Handle or Gate Handle

Small things like handles can really make a change for a project. You can not only use them for cupboards or doors but they will look fantastic on coffee tables, breakfast trays or chests. Put them together with those nails and your projects will turn into something truly unique.


iron-pull-door_handleI absolutely adore this Ring Pull Door Handle from Iron Valley. I’d definitely use it for a chest/trunk. What do you think? Let me know about your ideas for this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Dimensions are: back plate – 4.5″ height x 2.75″ Wide and the ring diameter – 3.5″ Wide (Ring Overhangs Back Plate).




If you’re looking for a “classic” type of handle Iron Valley has several different examples that you’d like. First one, 9” Ripple Door Pull Handle – Cast Ironis another fine example from Iron Valley. Simple and classic. Great for barn style door or towel rack.




A second one I liked is 9″ Twist Door Pull Handle – Cast Iron


and finally, my favorite  9″ Heart Door Pull Handle – Solid Cast Iron.





For a more rustic look, I’ve picked Small Cast Iron Rustic Handle Drawer Pull




This one is a raw untreated cast iron handle. Because of its nature, this handle is gray/silver color and requires some treatment before installing. To prevent rusting just use some sealer or paint or coat it in Crisco and bake it in a hot oven.

For a bigger size check  Rustic 9″ Heavy Cast Iron Large Gate Pulls





Wrought Iron Hooks

If you’re planning on a pallet coat/towel rack or some cute lantern projects hooks are a must. Below you’ll find some fantastic examples. Plenty to choose from but in case you don’t like any of them just click through HERE to check out more items!


Vintage-style School Farm Cast Iron Hooks by Big Sky Antiques

These hooks will be lovely for smaller projects and will match the shelf brackets above. What a great combination! They come in a rustic brown finish are approximately  3 1/2 in long, 3 1/2 in high, 1 1/2 in wide.




If you prefer different design you have a look below for another design from Big Sky Antiques.

vintage rusty hooks





Scroll Coat and Hat Hook, Tumbled Dark Gunmetal by Brainerd

These zinc cast base hooks would be perfect for foyers, hallways, and bathrooms. With a nice patina, that will blend well into a pre-1900 home.




Early American Single Prong Wrought Iron Hooks by Black

Stylish, simple design with rustic, black finish. Can be used for a coat rack like the one below.






I’m sure you’ve seen somewhere some gorgeous pallet lanterns. They super easy to make and you could simply use any of these handmade, sturdy iron hooks. Below you’ll find simple, black arch hooks that would be great for that purpose :)

pallet lanterns

Wrought Iron Hook Small Arch by Hand crafted and Amish made


arch iron hooks

Forged Curved Hook Wrought Iron Hanger by Panacea


arch hook

Hanging Plant Hook 6″ by Mintcraft



Shabby Cottage Chic Cast Iron Wall Hooks by Creative Co-op

For more shabby chic kind of projects like bracelet/necklace display, these would be perfect. They come in a set of 3, in whitish color and rustic finish.




Wrought Iron Hinges

Hinges or shutter holders can really add character to any project. Cabinets, trunks, coffee tables. I actually used hinges to join a bottom and a top part of my pallet coffee table. Looks great and it saved me a lot of drilling and gluing.


Strap Hinges Black Wrought Iron by Renovator’s Supply

Wrought iron strap hinges with a protective finish ideal for doors, cabinets and any other projects that can come to mind.


Black Antique Iron Butterfly Door Cabinet Cupboard Hinges by the Home Fusion Company




These hinges are definitely unique and worth checking out! They are not iron but steel with an antique iron finish. If you’d rather like them made of iron check  ANTIQUE IRON DECORATIVE  HINGES (SMALL BUTTERFLY/SNAKE) by Ironmongery World but I must warn you the price tag they come with is a lot bigger.


Black Iron S Holdback Window Shutter Holder by Qalihome



If you ask why I included window shutter holders my answer is because they’re pretty! :) With the beautiful, glossy black finish I’m sure you could think of many ways to use them for your pallet projects.


Pipe and Steel Legs

For those of you that just started with pallet projects or simply have less time these legs are an awesome solution.

Industrial pipe legs will add that unique look you’re after. But I must say these steel frame legs do make an impression. So if you’re looking for that WOW factor these definitely will work. But if you’re not satisfied with the product they come with 100% money back guarantee as well.

16″ Industrial Pipe Table Legs (H-Style, Black Zinc Plated) by Industrial By Design


These legs are prefinished and made of zinc which prevents from rusting. They cut and threaded and ready to assemble under 5 min! That’s what you call a time saver :)


16″ X-Style Modern Frame Legs (Raw Steel) by Industrial By Design



16″ Square Modern Frame Legs (Raw Steel) by Industrial By Design

Another great example by Industrial By Design.



28 in Hairpin Table Legs by I-Semble™

Classic hairpin legs in additional 2 sizes 16 and 6-in will be great for any dining/sofa/entry tables. You could easily make a nice set of bedside tables as well.





Steel and Iron Casters

How many of you have seen these gorgeous pallet coffee tables with big industrial wheels? I do love them. The wheels/casters add a lot of character and make the table easy to move around. They come in different sizes from 1.25 ” to even 8″ and you can choose between steel and iron.

When buying a set for a table or a bed it’s worth considering to get at least 2 with breaks. this way the piece of furniture stays in place.

CC Vintage has a good range of vintage black cast iron caster wheels. The smallest ones are 1.25″ and the biggest ones 8″. You can get 4″, 5″, 6″  as well.

Swivel Casters 1.25″ by CC Vintage






Swivel Casters 5″ by CC Vintage




If you don’t mind steel casters you get a nice choice too. Sizes start from 2 inches up to 9.5 inches.

Cast Iron Swivel Plate Caster by Shepherds Hardware


swivel-caster-wheelThese come in a variety of sizes as well and are recommended for infrequently moved objects on rough wood or concrete floors. Can also withstand extreme temperatures, exceptionally long wear life.

They part of Add-On Program on Amazon which means that you can get them very cheap as long as your order is over $25.


Below you’ll find fantastic examples of steel casters from Vestil. They are pretty big and thick. They look very vintage and you can always paint them black if you want to achieve the iron look.

Steel Rigid Caster, 2″ Width, 6.50″ Height by Vestil



Steel Rigid Caster, 2″ Width, 7.50″ Height by Vestil 


Steel Swivel Caster, 2″ Width, 7.50″ Height by Vestil


Steel Rigid Caster, 2″ Width, 9.50″ Height by Vestil 


I hope you liked my ideas and findings for giving your pallet projects the WOW factor. If you think I should add something, feel free to let me know!

Thanks for reading:) Kasia



4 thoughts on “How to Give Your Pallet Projects The WOW Factor

  1. I like the ideas you’ve provided for pallet decorations. I’ve been looking for ideas for clavos and decorative straps like the ones I’ve seen here that I’ll have to use. I haven’t made anything from pallets before but after seeing my options here and elsewhere I’m excited to try making my own. Thanks for the helpful post.

    1. Hi, John!
      I’m glad you liked it. I, myself have been looking for ways to give my projects that extra something. So when I’ve found all these nice additions I was like “WOW I love them all, take my money ;)” I felt I should share it with others.
      If you need nay help with your coming projects don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be glad to help :)

    1. Hi, Kody!
      I’m glad you liked it :) They are pretty amazing and can make such a difference. I hope your wife will like the as well. If you wouldn’t mind sending me some pictures of your finished project I could include them within the post to show others how awesome they look in real life.
      Thanks for stopping by :)

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