Pallet Bed Frames and Pallet Beds Ideas

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A pallet bed frame is an example of a project that can be quite simple to make or can require more woodworking knowledge, depending on how you want to approach it.

It all depends if you just want to stack some prepared pallets and put a mattress on top or build a proper pallet bed frame from pallet wood.

With some basic power tools like a jigsaw, circular saw, orbital sander, or power drill, you can put together a very nice project in no time.

In most basic projects, all you need to do is put some pallets on one level and join them using steel flat brace brackets. If you want your bed to be higher, add another pallet level, or use a thick mattress.

Make sure the pallets are safe to use, clean and dry. Sand them with a power sander and then paint or stain depending on your preferences. Finish with a coat of poly to protect the paint/stain, and that’s it!

For a fancy look, put some LED string/strip lights underneath the bed. These are easily available on Amazon, and you can choose from a wide range of colors. For those of you who want some diversity go with a multicolor set that allows changing color to whatever you want with a push of a button. I even found some LED strips that work via Bluetooth, and you can sync them to music or Alexa(!)

Pallet beds and pallet bed frames ideas

I’ve collected some nice ideas for both. They look great, and I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration here :)

a pallet-bed-with-lights

This is a nice example of a pallet bed made from heavy euro pallets. It’s as simple as putting some pallets together on one level and join them to prevent movement. Add some lights underneath, and you get an awesome looking bedroom.


Another simple pallet bed is made with two levels of euro pallets. Add a thick mattress on top, and you good to go.


This is an example of a more sophisticated pallet bed project. Pallet planks are used to make the bed frame, and then bed wooden slats are used to hold the mattress.


This example of a pallet bed is one of the bigger ones you can make if you have room for it. It’ll take a bigger number of pallets to build one. Add some light underneath, and you got yourself a nice chilling ambiance for your bedroom.


I like how this stained pallet wood turned out, in this case—a great example of a low-hight bed from pallets with a headboard.


Here you can see how these wood pallets are set up to make a nice small double bed. It shows that you don’t have to go overboard and use many pallets to make one.

pallet bed

I like this platform bed with a headboard and lights for reading. The distressed look and nice choice of colors make it even more interesting.


This bed is made using pallet wood differently. Sure it’ll take more time and skill to build one, but the final result looks awesome.


Here you have another example of the bed made with pallets. The pallet s used are quite big in size, and you only have to use a single layer for it to work. To make it higher wooden blocks are used, but you could also use casters.


This simple, single bed is made out of 3 pallets and has casters to make it more maneuverable.


This is a fantastic example of utilizing pallet wood to make a big bed with a headboard and some storage. Before you decide to tackle a project this size, make sure you have the skills and tools needed to make one.


I love the simplicity of this bed made from white painted pallets. As you can see, its size is enormous, so make sure you have enough space before putting one together.


How do you like a twin bed idea? The beds would look great in your kids’ bedroom for sure.


Or maybe you need a pallet day bed for your terras? You can make one in no time and use an inflatable mattress on top. What a great solution?!


Check this huge bed made with euro size pallets. You don’t even have to attach them if you short on time. Simply arrange them in a way like in the photo above to prevent them from moving.

I hope you’ve found these ideas inspiring. It’s a shame I couldn’t find any actual tutorials for them to make it easier for you. If you liked these pallet beds inspirations, don’t forget to pin them to your pallet projects board :) Thank you!


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