Pallet Garden Ideas

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Pallet Garden Ideas


This time of year when everything comes back to life after winter we all want a nicely looking garden. These examples of Pallet Garden Ideas are excellent for small and big gardens as well as balconies and small spaces. Herb gardens, pallet planters and raised plant beds.

Just remember if you’re using pallets for growing food is better to use new ones. Make sure they were heat treated and haven’t been in contact with any chemicals. Have a look here if you’d like to know a bit more about pallets. Another thing is to make sure that any sealer  that you’re using is not going to contaminate the plant soil.

Do You want to know how to build this one below??? Go to A Pallet Herb Garden Tutorial.










wall pallet garden








pallet planter






















Pallet Garden Projects


Pallet project for garden


pallet garden










2 thoughts on “Pallet Garden Ideas”

  1. Omg I am so glad I found your page! I have seen many AWESOME pallet projects on social media and am in the process of trying my first. I am trying to make an outside bar for my patio out of pallets. I have the materials and my husband has many tools but I will be the one doing most of the project. The bar I am trying to make uses garden stepping stones to create a type of rugged counter top. Do you have any suggestions for how I could secure these to the top of my pallet bar? I am not wanting it to accidentally topple over or something and crush our dog or my foot! Thank you for any help!!

    • Hi, Bonnie!
      I’m happy you like my website and I hope you’ll find it helpful when doing your pallet projects. As for attaching a stone counter top to wood I’d try using a construction adhesive like Gorilla Glue. It’s water-resistant for indoor and outdoor use and glues virtually anything. Just make sure you sand the wood first to make the surface rough and the apply the glue. If you give it a go would you mind letting me know if it really worked? Also, I’d like to see your finished project. I could even put it up here if you wanted :) Like step by step tutorial or something. What do you think?
      Thank you for dropping by Bonnie. I hope you’ll stick around :)


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