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How to Make DIY Pallet Sandbox

So there it is. My first pallet project made from  the beginning to the end by ME :) Oh well, with a little help from my brother :) I’m going to show you how to build one and what tools and materials I’ve used. This is a project I had not

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wooden planks

Wood Sanding Tips For Pallet Projects

There is one thing that all DIY-ers are putting off as much as they can while working on their projects. The dreadful sanding :) But if you want to receive great results you can’t really skip this step. So here I’d like to give you some useful wood sanding tips. You

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how to cut curves with a jigsaw

Tool Tips: How to Cut Curves Using a Jigsaw

A jigsaw is a fantastic tool when it comes to cutting shapes on a variety of materials. It is a versatile tool that has become famous in domestic and commercial setups because of its excellent results and easy to use features. All you need is a quality jigsaw and the

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Tool Tips: How to Use Jigsaw Power Tool

A great jigsaw is the most blessed tool that offers  DIY-ers freedom to cut various shapes, both, straight and curved. It works perfectly on a variety of materials including plywood, wood, particle board, plastic, metal, as well as ceramic tiles. The best part about this tool is that besides being

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6 Simple Ways How to Transfer Photos to Wood

If you’re thinking about giving your pallet projects more artistic edge or simply want to try something new, this is a great way to do it. Image transfer will give you a lot of possibilities to make a unique design. You probably wonder how to put a picture on wood

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Tool Tips: How to Use An Orbital Sander

For any DIY-er, there is nothing more satisfying than having a project with smooth edges and surfaces. Thankfully, an orbital sander offers you a chance to attain perfection in your projects. An orbital sander is a versatile tool that helps craftsman in making a variety of projects with great finesse.

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How To Disassemble a Pallet

So you’ve got an idea what you want to create out of a pallet or two. You have all the necessary tools, but you don’t know where to start. Well, here I want to show you how to disassemble a pallet if you ever need to. There are many ways

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Know Your Pallets

Working with wooden pallets Before you start working with wooden pallets you should know the material you are going to be dealing with. So I feel a small introduction is in place so you know what you’re into :) First wooden pallets were introduced by Swedish concern BT Industries in the

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Getting Started – Working with Pallets

Here I’d like to tell you about pretty much everything you should know before you start your fun with pallets  :)I’ll be writing about tools, materials and all the necessary stuff you’ll need, to make your working with pallets quick, effective and most importantly safe. So first things first… A

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